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Fahrradklub names Travin in Lozova

Wrangel Island, Russian Arctik

Gleb Travin is a Russian traveler cyclist who has traveled all over the USSR, including the Arctic coast. It was in the years 1929-1931. The bike trip started from Vladivostok, and then continued along the southern border of the country.

Overcoming Siberia and Central Asia, the bicycle traveler went to the Caucasus. The Caucasus was followed by the Crimea, Ukraine, Moscow, Leningrad, Murmansk.

From here began off-road, tundra, Arctic ice and the sea, the polar desert. Surprisingly, the traveler not only survived, but also successfully completed his extraordinary route on Cape Dezhnev Chukchi. There was nothing like this in the world of cycling, and there never will be.

Gleb Travin is called the most extreme cyclist in the world. Books have been written about him in Russia, films have been shot and songs are played.

A simple Russian man from Pskov...

At one time, I managed to create in Ukraine the Travin Bicycle Club and the Museum of Bicycle Tourism.

Now I live in Düsseldorf. I would be glad to meet cycling enthusiasts.
Аlexej Potupin